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We love your questions and are eager to answer any queries you may have about the MIOMO course. Here’s a list of the frequently asked questions we get at MIOMO. If you still have further questions, you may send us a message below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

The skills they’ll gain at MIOMO will give them the confidence, resilience and tools to face the real world, with their character intact! They will also gain friends and a peer community that they can draw from in the years ahead.

MIOMO is for young adults aged 16-20 years. The ideal age is for those in their last two years of high school and first two years post-high school.

The following topics are taught on MIOMO : Independence, living optimally, goal achievement, time/space/energy management, money mastery, presentation skills, building great relationships, getting work ready and the importance of character. MIOMO workshops usually run during school holidays.

Classes are delivered in a workshop format, with a mixture of interactive games, activities, teaching and discussions. Students are assigned to small groups with a mentor or former student as a leader.

MIOMO is taught by a team of mentors. All facilitators have over 10 years’ work experience in professions and industries that enhance our teaching modules. In addition, they have extensive experience mentoring and working with young adults. Specialty guest speakers will also be included in the programme from time to time.

Yes. Teachers and mentors all have to pass a police-check before having any kind of contact with attendees.

MIOMO is owned by Executive Director Wee-Yeong Eyou and his wife Reeta Eyou.

Great news! Respect and positive expectations are how we roll on MIOMO. We treat you like a young adult and not a kid.

MIOMO is more like a conference than school. If you don’t like writing or struggle with it – you’ll be happy to know that there isn’t a lot of writing on MIOMO. There’s lots of exercises and talking in groups. And, if you are the shy type – that’s OK too. On MIOMO, we want you to be yourself. Contribute how and when you have something to say!

You sure do! You can also mention that you’ve been on MIOMO on your CV that we will have professionally edited for you.

If you become unwell prior to course starting, please do not attend course, even if you are vaccinated against COVID-19. Please contact our Programme Manager immediately to make alternative course arrangements.   

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