• Gain clarity – out of a confusing world

  • Discover yourself and your potential

  • Build confidence and resilience

  • Step up to more responsibility

  • Get equipped with skills for independence

My passion is to help our youth develop the competitive edge and become men and women of great character! In other words, grit and heart.

From littlies to young adults, it takes good schooling and good parenting to set up our kids for independence and success in life!

So how are we doing so far?

Unfortunately, there are gaps in the school curriculum, specifically in the area of life skills, leaving many school leavers unprepared for adult life.

Parents also need help! In an ever changing and pressured world, many parents are struggling. Some are not sure how to equip their children, while others are indulging theirs in an effort to keep harmony. I call these parents unpaid servants and bankers.

There is a solution – it’s called MIOMO.

Yvonne Godfrey
Founder and Director of MIOMO

Yvonne Godfrey hands MIOMO baton to Every Nation Auckland City (ENAC)

The popular young adult independence programme founded by media personality Yvonne Godfrey has been acquired by a like-minded organisation with strong connections to tertiary institutes in Auckland.

Every Nation Auckland City (ENAC) has purchased Making It On My Own (MIOMO) with the intention of building on the strong foundations laid by Godfrey ten years ago. Under her directorship, the MIOMO four-day life and leadership skills programme successfully has equipped just over 500 youth and young adults with the capabilities and confidence to finish their schooling well and ultimately, to be 100% independent to live away from home, enter the work force or continue their tertiary study.

Wee-Yeong Eyou, Director of ENAC’s existing campus programme, is an Alumni of the University of Auckland. His professional experience spans 20 years in corporate and non-profit sectors, with 10 of those at senior leadership level and mentoring of young people. He’s thrilled to be adding MIOMO to their programmes from April 2020.

“The synergy between MIOMO and ENAC is very clear” says Eyou. “Both organisations deal with the phenomenon of delayed adolescence in New Zealand; which has led to a dearth of life skills amongst youth and young adults. The results are both alarming and worrying for parents and employers!

MIOMO fills this significant need in society and provides a unique range of tools for young people that is not seen elsewhere in New Zealand. While ENAC has significant experience at tertiary level, the MIOMO programme has been very effective at both university and high school levels. The content, philosophy and delivery methods are very aligned between both organisations.”

Finding the right people to pick up the mantle was non-negotiable for Godfrey. “I wanted the very best organisation to continue my legacy, one that not only had a passion for young people but the experience to take MIOMO into the future. Wee-Yeong and his team at ENAC certainly tick those boxes and they also have a very strong focus on mentoring, which will be a valuable addition for future MIOMO graduates”, says Godfrey.

ENAC has a mission to equip and raise young people to reach their full potential and has, over the last 20 years, operated through student clubs at the main universities in Auckland, guided by L.I.F.E core values of Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence. This is integrated through values-based life skills and leadership programmes, creating a mentor-focused, positive peer-based community for students.

Like Yvonne Godfrey, ENAC will be sharing the MIOMO teachings as a secular programme that is open to young people aged 15 to 24 years. To ensure a strong transition to ENAC, Godfrey and her husband Simon will be the presenters of the April 2020 Programme, while providing training for future ENAC presenters. Godfrey will also take a seat on the ENAC owned MIOMO board of directors for 12 months.

Bookings for the next MIOMO programme held from Jan 11-14th 2021 in Eden Terrace, Auckland are open now! Click here to book your space on the Jan 2021 programme.

January 2021
Eden Terrace, Auckland
Mon 11th to Thurs 14th Jan 2021


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