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Step 1 : Self-discovery

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What is MIOMO?

Help your young adult (16-20 yrs) create an independent and successful life!  They’ll learn how to:

Build confidence and resilience
Gain clarity in an uncertain world
Be responsible and trustworthy
Develop life skills that lead to success

What young adults will get from MIOMO.

Life skills

Over the course, we cover the following modules: Independence & living optimally, goal achievement, time/space/energy management, money mastery, presentation skills, building relationships, getting work ready & character.

The course is delivered work-shop style over four energetic and interactive days. Students learn together in small groups led by a mentor/peer leader. The groups then engage in a wide, stimulating range of activities and discussions.

Mentoring / Coaching
We offer one follow-up mentoring session called MIOMO Plus to each student after the course. This time helps MIOMO graduates process what they’ve learnt as well as making decisions towards their goals.

What others are saying

During my time at MIOMO I got a clear picture of my goals and dreams. In the past, I would disregard these because they seemed too hard. I have gained confidence that I can achieve my dreams if I know why I want to achieve them and how to get there.

As well as getting better at budgeting, setting goals and being independent, my son now understands the importance of healthy relationships and the type of company he wants to keep going forward in life.
Ritesh, Sairaj's Father

A life-changing course which will positively impact me in the future.

I think MIOMO teaches all the content I wish I learnt at school. I grew a lot in these four days, in my ability to contribute to meaningful relationships and society.

Worth it! Never got bored. Learned something new every module!


It is a very inspiring and helpful course to take.


This course is truly worth coming on. It has lots of life changing skills that will set you up once you begin flatting and move out of your parent’s home.


You can learn some life skills that most people find out and learn the hard way.

You may think before you come on the course that it won’t be worth it, but I guarantee you that after the first day you will never want it to finish.
Honestly just a worthwhile experience.

If you want to get somewhere faster, go to MIOMO.


It’s truly life changing – my perspective on many aspects of life has changed.


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