MIOMO Terms and Conditions

Certificate of Completion

For full attendance each day and for completing the exercises on MIOMO – students receive a certificate of completion that can be included on their C.V.

Expectations of MIOMO Students

  • Age of Participants:
    Your young adult must be coming on MIOMO of his or her own free will and be at least 16 years old at the time of participation.
  • Physical Illness, Disability or Learning Difficulties:
    Please disclose and the potential affect this may have on learning or attending MIOMO. We may refuse an application if we think MIOMO is outside that person’s capability.
  • Mental illnesses:
    We are not be equipped to handle certain mental illnesses and definitely not an untreated mental illness. If your young adult has a mental illness, we will need to discuss your situation before accepting your application.
  • Addictions:
    We cannot take any person with an addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • Oppositional Defiance:
    We do not take students who display extremely bad behaviour. Whilst we appreciate that your young adult may have some attitude, confidence or capability issues, please understand that MIOMO is not suitable for teens / young adults that are displaying out of control behaviour.
  • Counselling:
    While though there will be opportunities to discuss personal concerns with a leader, MIOMO is not a counselling service. If your young adult is experiencing trauma or deep seated issues, we recommend you get counseling before enrolling on MIOMO.

Parent Involvement:
We welcome communication with the director that helps us to understand your young adult’s situation and how we can help him or her to grow.

However, as MIOMO is designed to mature participants, there may be an instance where the presenter or director challenges a student’s attitude. We then insist that parents do not interfere with any interaction between the course leader and their young adult.

Refund Policy:

  • MIOMO is not refundable prior to the programme, but may be transferred to a future programme within 12 months
  • If an unforeseen event (natural disaster or COVID-19 lockdown) prevents the course from going ahead, a new date will be set. If the registrant is unable to attend on the new date, an unconditional transfer of your booking to a later date will be offered, valid for 12 months from the original course start date
  • If the student leaves because of sickness or another genuine reason, that student may attend a later programme at the discretion of the programme director and subject to availability.
  • We reserve the right to ask any student to leave that is disruptive to the extent that it affects the programme. In this instance the registration fee is not refundable.
  • MIOMO is not refundable if a student simply tires of the programme and leaves of his or her own accord.

Please tick the online registration form to accept the MIOMO Terms and Conditions. Your application is subject to your acceptance.

Please tick the registration form to accept the MIOMO Terms and Conditions. Your application is subject to your acceptance .


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