Step 1 : MIOMO Discovery (Online) – “Self Discovery for your life beyond school” : Coming July 2024

Embark on an awesome journey with our course designed just for you – young adults aged 16-20! This empowering online learning community is all about discovering your unique self, understanding your ‘why,’ learning some practical study tips and understanding how to build healthy relationships. Get ready for short  impactful videos and insightful activities that will not only give you a glimpse into your future but also boost your confidence to take on the next phase of your journey.

By signing up for MIOMO Discovery, you will join a supportive environment of young people on a platform where fresh engaging content will be released over time, encouraging stories shared and inspiration provided to keep going in your adulting journey!

Step 2 : MIOMO Accelerate (2 days) – “Gain skills to win at life”[Launch Price – $445]

Get ready to level up your life skills with step two of MIOMO – our course crafted for young adults gearing up for adulthood! We go beyond the theory, offering hands-on tools, dynamic templates, and engaging role plays to prep you for the real world. It’s not just about learning ideas; it’s about learning real world scenarios and honing the skills you need to stand tall in the adulting game. This interactive experience will equip you with the practical know-how to navigate independence and thrive as you step into the exciting realm of adulthood!

Course content includes: Managing your time, space, energy and finance, getting career ready (with a professionally edited CV) & building healthy relationships and managing conflicts.