Date Updated: 15 September 2022


MIOMO NZ takes your health and wellbeing seriously. Although the COVID-19 Protection Framework has been retired, MIOMO will continue to take precautions to ensure we provide a safe space for our students.

COVID-19 Safety Controls During Course

  • Masks can be worn at the discretion of each attendee
  • Hand-sanitisers will be provided
  • Vaccination status is not required.
  • Testing is not required. However, if a student becomes symptomatic for COVID-19, a RAT will be provided

Becoming Unwell During Course

COVID-19 Response steps taken if there is suspected illness


Isolate the person and provide a disposable surgical mask for the person to wear. Perform RAT. If the RAT is positive, we will act according to the current Ministry of Health Guidelines. If the test is negative, but the student is too unwell/unable to stay at course, we will help them to get the help they need.


Ensure the person has transport to their home or a medical facility. 


Call Healthline (0800 611 116) and follow the advice of health officials. 


Clean the area where the person had surface contact. This may mean evacuating those areas. Use PPE (surgical mask and disposable gloves) when cleaning with disinfection wipes.

Disinfect Venue

The venue provider to organise a professional disinfection of the venue as soon as possible. This may mean evacuating the area during that time.


Identify who at the venue had close contact with the infected person in the 24 hours before showing symptoms. These people will be advised to test if becoming unwell.

Becoming Unwell Before Course

If you become unwell for any reason prior to course starting, please test for COVID-19 and if you have a positive RAT please stay home. Please contact our Programme Manager immediately to make alternative course arrangements.

If your course is postponed/cancelled due to COVID-19

See our terms and conditions for more information.

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