New version MIOMO Life Skills and Independence Programme coming late 2020

  • Gain clarity – out of a confusing world

  • Discover yourself and your potential

  • Build confidence and resilience

  • Step up to more responsibility

  • Get equipped with skills for independence

My passion is to help our youth develop the competitive edge and become men and women of great character! In other words, grit and heart.

From littlies to young adults, it takes good schooling and good parenting to set up our kids for independence and success in life!

So how are we doing so far?

Unfortunately, there are gaps in the school curriculum, specifically in the area of life skills, leaving many school leavers unprepared for adult life.

Parents also need help! In an ever changing and pressured world, many parents are struggling. Some are not sure how to equip their children, while others are indulging theirs in an effort to keep harmony. I call these parents unpaid servants and bankers.

There is a solution – it’s called MIOMO.

Yvonne Godfrey
Founder and Director of MIOMO

The New MIOMO Programme is Coming 2020

The MIOMO 4-day programme is being replaced by a video format on a USB. You will be able to use it from your home, anytime you like. No more costly travel to come to Auckland to do MIOMO.

‘MIOMO Family’ will allow parents to help their kids develop capabilities and confidence to do well at school or in their tertiary studies, and ultimately to become 100% independent when they leave home.

At the same time parents will learn valuable parenting skills to create more harmony in the home. No more endless battles against laziness or overuse of devices. You’ll learn how to get your family working as a team, where everyone contributes and brings their best effort.

Help your kids build healthy relationships and resolve conflict. Knock bullying on the head and while we are at it let’s take a swipe at anxiety and depression. Give your kids the tools to make good decisions and to stay out of trouble.

Get them work ready. MIOMO will help your young adults create a winning CV and interview well to nail the job.
Plus much, much more!

Resources and Coaching Available NOW!

In the meantime, you can take advantage of Yvonne Godfrey’s books and videos which are featured on the MIOMO programme.
One to one family coaching is also available with Yvonne Godfrey. Click HERE to book or for more information.
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Yvonne Godfrey is the Author of the books:


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