4-day Life Skills and Leadership Programme 

  • Gain clarity – out of a confusing world

  • Discover yourself and your potential

  • Build confidence and resilience

  • Step up to more responsibility

  • Get equipped with skills for independence

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4-day Life Skills and Leadership Programme
December – Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th 2016


Yvonne Godfrey 4.2 MB

Some years ago I became concerned that schools were not preparing our teens for the ‘real’ adult world.

Knowledge alone does not translate into confidence, resilience and the ability to make good decisions and solve problems.

Additionally, many parents are compensating for their children causing them to be ‘soft’ with an attitude of entitlement.
These parents have become ‘unpaid servants and bankers’ to their children.

My passion is to lay a foundation in our youth that will help them to develop the competitive edge and to become men and women of great character!

At the same time I equip parents with the tools they need to Love intentionally, Lead purposefully and Let Go confidently of their emerging young adult.

Yvonne Godfrey,
Founder and Director of MIOMO.

MIOMO set me up with the confidence and life skills to live independently and build a successful career. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the incredible knowledge I soaked up during my time on MIOMO.
Your future is too important – don’t hesitate to attend MIOMO. Your life will never be the same!
Johny O’Donnell MIOMO Graduate 2011, Business Coach & Director of ShiftOn


4-day Life Skills and Leadership Programme
December – Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th 2016


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