Our son Jamie attended the MIOMO course from November 23 – December 18.He finished school at the end of 2009 and had no idea of the direction that he wanted his life to move in.
We went along to an information evening to hear more about MIOMO. Jamie then decided that it sounded like something he would like to attend.
Before the course began he was a little hesitant, and possibly even a little negative about attending – even though it had been his decision to do it. Within a week he had completely changed his mind!
As the time went by Jamie became more positive about things, and a much happier person around the home. At times he was challenged by the content of the course, pushing him beyond his comfort zone. This was a positive experience for him and showed him that he has the skills and ability to achieve as a successful adult.Jamie is now equipped with some relevant skills to help him consider his options – and has some concrete knowledge about his strengths and values to help make the decisions he needs to make.
We cannot recommend strongly enough this course to other teenagers, Yvonne’s commitment to the course and her support of the students was fantastic. She has an innate understanding of their needs and relates to them with enthusiasm and respect.
We are grateful Jamie had the opportunity to participate in MIOMO, he would not hesitate to be involved again if given the chance.
– Donna and Doug