“When we first heard of MIOMO, as parents we welcomed the concept and knew this was a unique opportunity but we had to convince our daughter this was not ‘just another course’.”
We wanted Melissa to gain from the MIOMO experience practical life skills which schools are not able to teach and as parents, we endeavor to pass on but are often ignored by our children.
Right from Day One she was like a sponge taking in and participating in all aspects.
Melissa has learnt some invaluable lessons which has prepared her well for her future and helped her identify her strengths and combine her love of sport and English.
Yvonne, we want to thank you for helping our daughter identify her own strengths, for supporting and guiding her in her goal setting and for teaching her practical life skills she will never forget.
MIOMO will be an experience she will not forget and because of the family atmosphere and participation we hope that other families will get an opportunity to participate in future MIOMO courses.   We consider ourselves very fortunate.”
– Brian & Tui Kerr