Sometimes all that holds you back from your dreams is a lack of good habits. When you have good habits that you put into practice consistently, you get momentum. Momentum is that feeling of making progress almost effortlessly. This is what so many successful people do, and if you want to be one of them, you need to follow suit. Keep this formula in mind:

Good habits and routines + consistency + momentum.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in feeling ‘triggered’ into bad habits. Common triggers might be feelings of boredom, loneliness, a particular place or even a time of day. They can lead to behaviours that might feel comfortable and in some ways rewarding, but they will rob you of creative energy you could be putting into other things.

There are lots of smart people out there who are also lazy, but they’ve realised that the time and effort it takes to create good habits puts them in what I call, ‘the driver’s seat’ of their lives. This is far more attractive that letting life and opportunity slip by.

I encourage you to start with the end in mind – ask yourself how you want to live. Then do some honest self-analysis! Be prepared to change your belief system too – I had to do the same thing long ago to give up smoking and I can tell you it works.

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