Smart Way #6: Smash it in the working world; know what your colleagues expect from you!

If you’ve read Smart Way 05, you’ll now know what an employer is looking to take on. The next step is starting to think not only about how to climb the ladder of your own career but also the value of contributing your talents and skills to helping others in the organisation.

This approach will make you a great team player; which means being able to celebrate with the team when you’ve done well, and equally to put your hand up when you haven’t! If you have ‘stuffed up’, it’s good to think about your contribution to the problem and what you could do to solve it.

It’s so tempting to be a ‘rock star’ by putting yourself out there and showing off your talents. But beware of your motivation. If you’re purely driven by ambition at all costs, your success will be short-lived. You’ll find stepping on others to get what you want does not breed true success.

It is a mixture of the company itself and the people in it that create ‘company culture.’ It is important that you work towards being part of it. Employers can train you in technical skills but they can’t train the basic attitude and personality that you’ll bring to the company.

Next, learn some basic shared-workspace etiquette. This means keeping your work environment reasonably tidy, and leaving it in a way that others coming in the next morning want to find it. Read more about how to develop these skills in Making It On my Own; 52 Ways to Smash It in the Real World. Buy the e-book or paper copy here.