Smart Way #5: The working world; know what your boss expects of you 

Before you can smash it in the real world, you need to know how to smash it in the working world. And before you start doing that, you need to know what is expected of you.

Whether you’re going to be a contractor, a long-term employee or even a casual part-time worker, you’ll need to work on what we call ‘transferable skills.’ These are the things that make a person a good employee no matter what you’re doing. Here are some quick tips on the top three: self-management, work ethic and humility.

Part of transitioning from child to adult is learning to self-manage. The good news is you can start working on this now: make sure you’re on time, which in my colleague Robyn Pearce’s book means not doing that ‘one last thing’ that fast-tracks you from being on time to being late!

Getting enough sleep and laying off alcohol or other substances are simple but effective habits that will give you a clear, focused head for work, and show your boss that you have a good work ethic.

The other key factor in your approach to work is humility. Yes, confidence and an overflow of good ideas are great. But not without humility. It is defined as ‘the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance.’ In today’s working world, the ability to view your team’s skills as just as important as your own. Head of People Operations at Google, Laslo Block, explains it well – he says willingness to learn is more important than intellectual brilliance.

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