Smart Way #43: Whoever pays your way controls or influences your life!

If you don’t believe the title of this chapter, try telling your boss you’ve decided to work half your normal hours for the same fulltime pay…get the picture?

In most western countries, when you get a job, you sign an employment contract that involves certain rights and conditions for both parties – with a great deal of the contract outlining the rules you must follow to keep your job.

If you’re new to employment, these rules may seem restricting. But the freedom and choices that come from earning your own money is a worthwhile trade off! And, once you get into the job market, you’ll discover how everything works and what you really want. It then becomes easier to move towards creating a much more ideal work environment.

This is true at home too. Reducing support from your parents and starting to pay board will take you a step closer to moving out into a place of your own. It will force you to budget and manage your money. I encourage you to pay board as soon as you are earning a full time income (or close to full time); for your own sense of pride as well as to get in the right headspace to ‘make it on your own.’ Because you are earning and contributing, you will start to call the shots and have some control over your life.

Smart Way #42 of Making It on My Own; 52 Smart Ways to Smash It in the Real World