Physical touch is Love Language #2

Touch is a form of communication that is learned from the very first day of our lives. Wise parents, in any culture, touch their children with love by holding them and offering security through physical closeness.

You’ll easily notice people whose primary love language is touch – they can’t walk past someone they care about without at least giving them a playful nudge. In Smart Way #32 we learnt about affirmative words, but for this ‘language’ group, a squeeze on the arm is a positive affirmation that conveys messages such as, ‘well done’ or ‘I want you to know that I’m pleased you are here.’ No words are needed.

It’s important to know that sexual need is not the same thing as physical touch. There is of course some overlap, but what we are talking about here are emotional, rather than physiological, needs.

In a romantic relationship, the person whose primary love language is touch will hug and kiss a lot. In times of pain or crisis, these people usually respond very really well to being held. Some young adults in this group give confusing messages about when they want to be held by randomly refusing physical touch – especially from their parents! They need to remember that other people are not mind-readers and to communicate their needs clearly.

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