Words of Affirmation are Love Language #1

The goal of love isn’t to get everything you want because selfish love never lasts. The real goal is to do something for the wellbeing of the other person. When affirming (value giving) words are given that other person is more likely to reciprocate.

Mark Twain once said, ‘I can live for two months on a good compliment.’ There are several kinds of affirmative words which have a profound impact on the listener.

  • Encouraging words offer a sense of self-belief. Just make sure you are not speaking these words to manipulate or unwittingly patronise someone.
  • Kind words have the power to soften the heart and heal or soothe pain.
  • Humble words are impactful when used with requests. Here’s an example: “Mum, would you mind dropping me down to the bus stop this morning please? I’m running late.” The opposite is demanding and rude: “Mum, drive me to the bus stop or I’m going to miss the bus!”
  • Edifying words build people up and show the listener that you want them to become all they can be as a person.

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