Decide to be a host, not a guest in the world – be a contributor and not just a consumer

Becoming independent has as much to do with the way we think as it does with being physically capable. A big part of this is the art of contributing to others. This gives you a sense of ownership, pride and confidence, and the wings to attempt big things.

My own story is about learning to contribute from a young age. At 17, I’d left home and was living with my beloved brother in a somewhat grubby flat in Bondi, Sydney. On our first Christmas Day there, we ended up at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross among the homeless, the misfits of society and a few others like us!

It was at the end of a very welcome first course that my brother whispered in my ear that we were on the wrong side of the table – we should have been serving, not being served.

You see, we had been taught by our parents to contribute to others, to act like hosts and not guests. So, moments later, we were in the kitchen wearing servers’ aprons. We dished out the plum pudding and custard, and then washed the dishes, happy as can be.

This attitude will get you noticed and open-up unimaginable opportunities. It means you’ll bring positivity into every occasion, no matter how bad things seem.

The truth is, people want to be around hard-working, generous people who care about others. It’s one of the most attractive character traits you can find and will set you up for a successful and rewarding life.

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