If you’re thinking of leaving home, you should be financially, physically and emotionally able to look after yourself. This is one of the areas of independence that students on the MIOMO programme look forward to putting to use!

Once you’ve made your decision to move out, make a clear understanding with your parents about what money you may owe them and how you’ll pay them back. You might have to live on the ‘bones of your bum’ for a while so make a realistic plan for paying off the loan now.

Don’t assume it’s ok to leave a pile of belongings behind for mum and dad to sort out. Your parents are not a storage company, so remember your manners and ask first. Likewise, don’t assume your mail can keep going to their address.

These behaviours are part of shedding your child-like entitlement mentality if you have been taking your parents for granted. When you do go home to visit, Mum will probably be stoked to see you, but not if you’ve only come to collect your mail, do your washing and clean out the fridge.

Sometimes it takes two or three attempts to leave home permanently, but each time you’ll be a little more independent and a little more mature. Read more about doing this in a way that leaves your parents sure to miss you in Making It On my Own; 52 Smart Ways to Smash It in the Real World. Buy the e-book or paper copy here.