Quite simply, there’s no better mix than being both competitive and having great character. Your sense of competition means you’ll maximise your natural talents and opportunities to become all that you can be. People like this end up in high demand in their field of work, and bring value to others in the wider community.

But character is needed to balance this ambition. It is your moral compass and without it you’ll end up doing just about anything to get where you want to go.

One of my favourite sayings describes this personal trait very well: ‘Character is the very essence of a person – everything else is merely window-dressing designed to keep others from seeing the real you.’

There are three main qualities to develop to become a person of character.

  1. Make the decision to grow your character and to stand by that decision.
  2. Feed yourself mentally, emotionally and physically with good stuff!
  3. Let time, life and circumstances shape you into the person you want to become.

At an uncertain time in my life, I wrote a Mission Statement to keep me in contact with my values and give me direction. It is a great way to cement your intentions. Why not write yours – think about including something on gratitude as well as accountability and hard work.

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