Over a period of time I sat and watched my beautiful loving granddaughter slowly retreat into herself and become belligerent, offensive and have a really bad attitude. As her grandmother I felt the close bond that she and I had was slipping away and I felt so helpless. Then through my work place I was sent literature on Miomo and felt that this could be an answer. I forwarded it onto my granddaughter leaving it in her hands as to whether she would take up this opportunity. She took her time but eventually said that this course was something she felt she would benefit from. I was delighted. We all know when we have just one problem in our lives it can touch and affect so many people.
At graduation, I was blown away! This young woman who had been like a ‘sail less boat floundering around at sea’ who now had taken great leaps to remedy the ‘demons’ holding her back in life. In ten days she had been given the tools and skills to become independent, motivated, understanding and compassionate. She had been given a great start and was excited at the new journey she was prepared now to take. I cried with pride and knew that deep inside that ‘not so nice’ teenager was a very capable young lady who had been crying out for help.
Given the opportunity I cannot stop talking about Miomo and the wonderful community service that this course provides to young adults who could otherwise slip through the cracks and end up making bad decisions in life. to deal with to help her grow into a complete person.
Thank you Yvonne and your wonderful team for touching my family in such a positive way.

-Anna Phillips (A very proud Nana) Grandmother