MIOMO Programme

MIOMO 4-day Life Skills and Independence Programme for Young Adults aged 16+ years is open for bookings!

MIOMO is a 4-day programme held in the school/university holidays.
Students are equipped to achieve in whatever they are currently doing as they prepare for adult life. They make new friends in a fun and stimulating environment.

Next Programme Date

MIOMO 2.0 Coming 2020

MIOMO is an investment for the future. You learn a lot of life lessons as well as get a wider perspective of the world.
MIOMO helps young people to see that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.
– Edward Changmai (22) 4th Year Med Student.

MIOMO Content

The style of learning is very kinaesthetic and visual incorporating practical exercises and candid discussion amongst students and facilitators. The content is thought provoking to encourage and sometimes challenge students to really think and to ‘own’ their learning.

  • Independence – Financial, Physical and Emotional
  • Living Optimally with family
  • Goal Achievement
  • Getting Work Ready
  • Time, Space and Energy
  • Money Wisdom
  • Healthy Relationships and Conflict Resolution
  • Building Values and Character
  • Presentation Skills

Outcomes Expected:

Independence to live away from home

Command respect when you think, speak and act like an adult!

Have the confidence to pursue and achieve your dreams.

Build great relationships – be an awesome friend, flat mate and partner

Manage and grow your money – learn the secrets of the wealthy

Harness your energy – get more done in less time. Never be late again!

What Students & Parents Receive:

What students receive:

Interactive Programme manual (there is very little writing required by students)

Certificate upon completion

A professionally edited CV

Making it on my Own book

What parents receive:

Parenting Yadults Book

Video – How to develop independence in your young adult (70 minutes)

Video – How to build a healthy relationship with your Yadult and resolve conflict (70 minutes)


MIOMO is held in Eden Terrace, Auckland City and is easily accessible from most parts of Auckland by bus and train.

On site parking for students with cars
Cafes walking distance
Kitchen on site for coffee and tea making and for heating food.

Young people attend MIOMO from all over NZ, Australia, South Africa, Japan and Slovenia and even Kuwait!

Since MIOMO is not live-in you will need to find accomodation in Auckland. If you don’t have transport, we recommend you find accommodation that is walking distance from the venue at ENAC 9 Karaka Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland

You have to be 16 yrs old to come on MIOMO and there is no upper limit. Most people attending are between 16 and 24 years of age.

Great news! Respect and positive expectations are how we roll on MIOMO. We treat you like a young adult and not a kid.

MIOMO is more like a conference than school. And, if you don’t like writing or struggle with it – you’ll be happy to know that there isn’t a lot of writing on MIOMO. There’s lots of exercises and talking in groups. And, if you are the shy type – that’s OK too. On MIOMO we want you to be yourself – contribute how and when you have something to say!

You sure do! And you can also say you have been on MIOMO on your CV that we will have professionally edited for you.

Yes, We encourage all graduates to be involved in the MIOMO Online Community.
To join go to: fb.com/miomonz here we post helpful lifeskill and leadership, ideas and strategies to help you on your life’s journey.

If you feel that you require more input – Yvonne Godfrey does family coaching.
Please contact Yvonne via our contact form