Smart Way #42: Money is neither good nor bad

Money is neither good nor bad – it’s your attitude towards it that makes it so.
In the end . . . 
it’s the values of the person who has the money that make the difference, because we all invest in what’s most important to us.

As a young adult, it is important to understand that money is neither good not bad. It is a neutral resource that can be used to do great things, such as to build hospitals and provide humanitarian aid; or, it can be used destructively for things like drugs, weapons and pornography.

You will have heard the old phrase, ‘Money is the root of all evil’. But this is a misquote of the biblical saying. The correct wording is: ‘The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil… some have wandered away from the faith and have impaled themselves with a lot of pain because they made money their goal.’ (1 Timothy 6:10, CEB)

Whether you are religious or not, this statement holds much wisdom. Personal values determine how we use money, along with our time and emotional energy.

Our beliefs about money are generally developed by what we hear, see and experience. Think about all the advice, opinions and advertising that have influenced you. How has money been used in your family? Was it used to satisfy family needs and perhaps help others, or to gain status and even power over others?

You may have absorbed the idea that you need money in order to be happy, but this is not true and Smart Ways # 42 – 52 will help you understand this.

Take these lessons on board now and develop a healthy relationship with money, because ultimately, ‘whoever pays your way controls your life.’

Smart Way #42 of Making It on My Own; 52 Smart Ways to Smash It in the Real World.