Smart Way #23: Break the cycle – mature through your mistakes

Messing up is part of life, and no one is exempt. There are different kinds of mistakes and not all of them are negative. For instance, ‘smart mistakes’ like the discovery of potato chips and popsicle sticks have made a lot of people happier!

But the mistakes I focus on in Smart Way 23 are the dumb ones that could have been avoided by observing others or listening to warnings, and the downright dangerous ones.

Ignorance, lack of knowledge, poor judgement, immaturity, and misplaced trust are all foundations for potentially dangerous mistakes. We don’t become immune from the potential damage of our actions just because we ‘didn’t know’ or weren’t properly equipped. Keep an eye out for the mistakes that could change your life forever.

Willingness to learn and to take advice is vital if we want to mature through our mistakes. This is particularly challenging for anyone who has relied on short-cut methods for finding personal fulfilment and recognition most of their lives. These people rarely learn from their mistakes because they often don’t admit they’re even making any.

But I believe that all wrongs can be forgiven, and most wrongs can be restored. There are 5 key points that help us learn from mistakes and allow us to be forgiven – by others and ourselves.

1.Squash your pride

  1. Ask for forgiveness.
  2. Assess the damage
  3. Put preventative systems in place
  4. Sharpen your conscience

Read about these points in Making It On my Own; 52 Smart Ways to Smash It in the Real World. You can also work on developing maturity through mistakes at my April MIOMO 4-day course.