Smart Way #22: To stay out of trouble don’t be where trouble is

A MIOMO graduate once asked me a very important question: ‘How can I stay out of trouble?’

Her experience of life was that ‘trouble just happened’, which wasn’t very helpful considering she was trying to avoid it.

My answer was simple: ‘Don’t be where trouble is!’

Let’s face it, there are plenty of dumb things we can do all by ourselves. But this possibility is vastly exaggerated when you have no control over the people you’re with or the situation you’re in.

As unpopular as it may be in today’s permissive society, at MIOMO I teach the philosophy that nothing good happens after midnight. After the clock strikes 12, you generally have drunk, bored and angry people looking for trouble.

If you want proof, simply check out the crime statistics, and accidents involving alcohol. How often do you hear about someone drunk driving at 11 a.m. on a Tuesday morning? Pretty much never.

The night-time hours, as well as substances like alcohol and drugs, have a powerful effect in reducing inhibitions and self-control. In those situations, it takes just seconds for people make decisions that have life-changing or life-ending consequences. Be careful.

If you too want to stay out of trouble, start thinking carefully about who is driving the car you’re about to get into, what is taking place in the flat you’re about to move into, and what kind of people you’re mixing with.

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